We Stand Together with People of Ukraine


As KTÖS we condemn Russia’s invasion and attack on Ukraine and we are following the incidents with great concern and sorrow. War, violence, and the loss of innocent lives are unacceptable. Knowing the destructive impact of invasion and wars from first-hand experience, we stand together with the educators, academicians, teachers, students and people of Ukraine and we support their strong stance and struggle against Russia’s oppression and attacks.

All people and children deserve to live in safety, to access education and health services securely, and to be protected by humanitarian law. Russia’s act of war is not only threatening Ukraine and the region but the whole world which undermines all the efforts being made to build peace all over the globe.

As educators we will continue to teach peace, solidarity and tolerance to our students and we will always stand against all kinds of wars and the politics that justifies the war.

Our hearts are with Ukrainian people and our colleagues there.  Once again, we are calling Russia to stop their devastating acts in the region, immediately.


Kind regards,

Sener Elcil

KTOS General Secretary