Executive Committee

The Structure of KTÖS

The general assembly of KTÖS is conducted once every two years. All members of the union have the right to vote for and stand as a candidate in the general council elections, which takes place during the general assembly. The Administrative Council consists of 30 members and is responsible for electing the Executive Committee (Secretariat) and also the president. The Executive Committee is formed of 7 members and is led by the General Secretary, who holds the political leadership of the union.


Our Executive Committee;

Emel Tel                                   President

Şener Elcil                                General Secretary

Burak Maviş                            Secretary of Education

Erdoğan Emiroğulları           Secretary of Human Rights and Equality

Uğur Erilen                              Secretary of Press and Propaganda

Akgün Kaçmaz                        Secretary of Organization

Mustafa Baybora                    Finacial Affairs Secretary

Murat Dağman                       Secretary of Social and Cultural Affairs